How to Established a Good Relationship with Your Readers

A good relationship with your readers can play a huge part in your blogs success. They will help you, give you feedback and above all support you through the good times and the bad. Having a good relationship with your readers isn’t something that happens overnight but if you take the time to give something back to them every week you will surely develop a good relationship with your regular commentators and readers.

Here are some ways in which you can develop a good relationship with your readers :

  • Reply to emails as soon as you can – Holidays and time permitting, you should try and reply to emails from your blog as soon as you can. Take the time to respond to the emails ie. don’t just write a one line response and hit return!
  • Help those you can help – If your blog gets ok traffic and your getting a lot of comments etc then you will undoubtetly get emails from readers asking for help or support in some way. It’s unlikely that you will be able to help everyone but try and help those you can.
  • Be Honest, Be Yourself – People appreciate honesty. If you wrote about something you now regret then say so, if you disagree with what other people say then say so. Your readers will appreciate your honesty. Bottom line, be yourself.
  • Link to regular commentators blogs – If your readers have blogs then try and drop a link to them every now and then in your posts. A links roundup is a great way to do this as is a top commentators list.
  • Give out prizes – Share your wealth, if your blog is lucky enough to be making money every month then share the wealth and give out some prizes to your readers. They will surely appreciate it.

The above list is what i consider to be some of the best ways to reward your regular readers but there are many more. If you feel you can add to this please leave a comment 🙂



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