Links Roundup – June 26th 2007

By Kevin Muldoon | Links

Jun 26

Another week of links from the crazy world of blogging :)

Opinion Blogs vs Discussion Blogs – A great post from Daniel from Daily Blog Tips. At the moment i would say Blogging Tips is an opinion blog but i have written posts that are discussion based.

Faddys money earned Report – A roundup from a new blog i found called Fingers Dont Fing. The owner covers a range of subjects and her sense of humour and frequent pics make the blog an enjoyable read – definately worth a look :)

Technorati Plays Favorites With The Top 100 – Seems like Technorati could be playing favourites with their favourites.

The role of humans in Google search – Matt Cutts gives an insight into the human involvement with search results.

Would You Consider Selling? – Jonathan asks whether you would ever sell your blog.

What do You Know Now About Blogging that You Wish You Knew When You Started? – A good post from Darren Rowse asking you to take a walk down memory lane.

and last but not least, the greatest post on blogging i’ve ever read!

10 Sales and Marketing Tips I learned from Strippers – I don’t think think i need to summarise this as the title tells you all you need to know – a great post from the Wise Camel.



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