Can a press release help promote a blog?

Have you ever considered using a online press release to promote your blog? I decided to give it a try. I don’t profess to be an expert in writing press releases, but I have learned a lot trying. One of the great things about a press release is that in effect you are advertising for free. Press releases are picked up by different websites all looking for news in relation to their subject area. Some of the press release distribution sites also allow links to your website within the press release, and you can of course include keywords to increase search engine visibility. As far as I can see, there is nothing to lose and plenty to gain.

A couple of years ago I wrote a press release for a project (non blogging) that I worked on with a friend and was amazed at the response. At the top of the online press release I had included the county I live in and this was picked up by a couple of local radio stations who had set up to receive news alerts about the county. One of the radio stations came to interview us at my home and short snippets of the interview were played on the local news throughout the next day. The other local radio station invited us in for a short live radio interview, which was an experience in itself.

What to think about when writing a press release:

The story must be newsworthy –
Don’t just submit one of your blog posts, the story must be newsworthy – are you planning an event through your blog, are you holding a competition, maybe you have won an award, have you created a new product, piece of software, plugin etc?

Who is your target audience?
Tailor the way you write to your target audience. For example, if you are trying to promote a plugin useful for novice bloggers don’t get too technical, just write everything in layman’s terms.

The press release must be written in the third person
Write the press release like you are an outsider writing about your blog/blog event.

Include a quote
Include a quote within your press release, almost as if a reporter had asked you a question and you had given the quote as a response.

The Format of a Press Release

There are several good sites which have full instructions on how to structure a press release, I have listed some of them below:

So you’ve written your press release, what now?

There are a lot of online press release distribution sites, most offer a free service, but you can pay extra if you want additional features, such as inclusion in google news. There is also nothing to stop you emailing/posting your press release directly to publications you feel may be interested in your news too.

Some free online press release distribution sites are shown below:

PRLeap –
PRWeb –
PR Urgent –
PR Newswire –
PRWeb Direct –
TheOpenPress – –
I-Newswire –
PR Free –
Free Press Release –
URL Wire –
Web Wire –
EMediaWire –
Press Release Network –


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