Another way of checking inbound links to your blog

A brand new stats tracker was launched yesterday by Patrick Altoft. The site is called BlogStorm and the service allows you to track the number of blogs which link to you using link data from Yahoo.

To be able to retrieve the data you need to get an API key from Yahoo and then add the key to the following file :


1. Replace the xxxxxxxxx below with your Yahoo API Key, available at:

2. Upload the script to your server.

3. Rename the file as a php file such as script.php rather than a txt file

4. Visit and submit your details.


$request = '';
$output = unserialize(file_get_contents($request));



After uploading the file you need to add your site to BlogStorm’s tracker. When you have completed this, BlogStorm then generates two graphs for you showing you the number of links to your blog. Here are the first graph that it generated for :


It only takes a few minutes to get your API key and submit your site to the tracker so i’d recommend using BlogStorm. Although Technorati will also show incoming links to your latest posts, BlogStorm displays this information much better with links to each post seperately instead of just the latest links in chronological order (which is what Technorati does).



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