June 2007 Competition

With the dust just settling on last months competition i thought it would be good to announce the next one at BloggingTips.

Before i go into specifics about the rules and guidelines, ill let you know what exactly you can win ๐Ÿ™‚

The Prizes

The prizes are a little different this month – i hope you like them ๐Ÿ™‚

Win a years worth of hosting and a domain name

I know that we have a lot of readers who are still using wordpress.com, blogger and other hosting blogging services. Therefore i am offering 3 lucky winners a year’s worth of hosting at DownTownHost plus a free domain name from 815 Domains.

The blog package is worth $71.40 per year ($5.95 per month) and includes :

  • 1000 MB Disk Space
  • 50 GB Bandwidth
  • 999 Addon Domains – Multiple Domain Hosting
  • 999 Email Accounts

Full details of the package can be found here.

I will do my best to offer support to the winners who are migrating from a free hosting service to their own domain name etc through the BloggingTips Forums.

Remember, there are 3 hosting packages worth $70+ each up for grabs!!!

Win a blog

I bought a cheap blog a few months ago called Zune Zag which focused on the microsoft zune mp3 player. In the start, i posted some news stories i found on the web and posted links to it. Clearly this isn’t the formula for a successful blog but i was waiting for my zune to be delivered from the USA. When my Zune arrived a few weeks later i found that i just didn’t have time to run the blog because of the time i was spending on other sites i owned and had started.

Zune Zag

Therefore, I am putting this blog up for grabs. The winner will receive full rights of the site and domain name etc and can leave it hosted on my server for a month or so until they get the blog transferred over to their host. The blog isnt worth too much as the traffic is low and it has no pagerank etc but im sure someone will be keen on snapping it up ๐Ÿ™‚ If you enter this competition and do not currently have hosting somewhere on the web, please make sure you make plans to sort this out if you do win – i can give you advice on this but i just cant gurantee i can be there all the time to walk someone through it all ๐Ÿ™‚

here is a screen print of the average traffic the last few months ๐Ÿ™‚

ZuneZag traffic

$100 Cash

Prize number 3 is $100 cold hard cash via paypal ๐Ÿ™‚

How to win a Prize

DylanKingsberry gave a great suggestion in last months competition for readers to submit videos about 3 topics i specify. I am gonna iron out the details for this in the next month or so but in the meantime i am gonna use the same competition rules as last month for the hosting prizes as it seemed to go down well.

Win free hosting for a year – Rules & Guidelines

Similar to last month, to enter the hosting competition you need to link to this page using

Win a year’s worth of hosting at BloggingTips.com

To make things even easier for you, here is the code you need to enter to add the link :

<a href="http://www.bloggingtips.com/2007/06/01/june-2007-competition/" target="_blank">Win a yearรขโ‚ฌโ„ขs worth of hosting at BloggingTips.com</a>

Just like last month, on June 22nd 2007 i will check google for the phrase “Win a year’s worth of hosting at BloggingTips.com” (enough time for everyone to take part and get their pages indexed). Pay attention to the parentheses around the search term. This ensures that google only searches for that exact sentence which means that the only websites that will be listed in the search will be this one and anyone who is linking here through the competition. I strongly encourage you all to NOT create a new post to link to me. All i’m looking for is the link to this page. My suggestion is to include a small reference at the end of a post but you could instead add a link to the competition in your footer or somewhere out of the way.

Rules, Notes & Guidelines :

  • 3 weeks from today is June 22nd 2007. The results will be taken from the .com version of google that day (which is the international one).
  • You may not link to a page on your site using the search term in this blogging tips post – eg the comments section
  • For more details please have a look at last month’s competition

Win ZuneZag.com

This competition is a lot easier to enter. All i want BloggingTips readers to do is guess the number of unique visits BloggingTips will get on June 20th 2007 using Webalizer. Thats it! I was thinking about giving you an idea of the traffic i get just now but it will be a lot more fun if i let everyone guess – haha!

The rules are very simple :

  • Only one guess per reader and only those given in the comment area of this post are valid
  • You may not edit your entry and your entry must not have been given before in the post (if you incorrectly make a guess that has been given before you may make another guess)
  • If no one guesses the exact number of visits correctly the closest guess will be declared the winner. In the event of two entries being the same distance to the exact number of visits the person who posted their guess first will be declared the winner eg. if ‘Blogger A’ posts first with a guess of 50 and ‘Blogger B’ guesses second with 52 visits per day then ‘Blogger A’ would be the winner of the exact number of visits is 51 uniques.

Good luck ๐Ÿ™‚

Win $100 cash via Paypal

Quite a lot of readers are still unaware of the Blogging Tips Forums. Therefore i thought it would be good to run a small competition to highlight the forums more and get the place going.

So i propose a slightly more complicated number guessing game which will take place in the forums. I will be using the forums in the next Blogging Tips competition as well but this month, i wanted to keep this one fun ๐Ÿ™‚

What i want is people to guess the number of page views BloggingTips will have on Webalizer on June 20th 2007 divided by the total number of posts the forums has at the end of the 20th .

Therefore i am looking for

Guess = (Number of page views) / (Number of Total forum posts)

The same rules apply as in the ZuneZag competition however the guess must be made in the forums in this thread and you must be registered in the forums to make this guess ๐Ÿ™‚

* Submit your entry for the $100 prize in this thread *


I hope you like the prizes. I’ve tried to keep the competitions fun for the prizes so that more people can enter. If you are unsure about anything please ask in this post and i will clarify it in the post and in the comments.



Disclosure: In full disclosure, it is safe to assume that the site owner is benefiting financially or otherwise from everything you click on, read, or look at while on my website. This is not to say that is the case with all content, as all publications on the site are original and written to provide value and references to our audience.


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