Pingbacks can be a fantastic source of traffic

I always try my best to link to articles i am referring to. It makes sense to show the reader the article you are talking about.

Linking to another blog is great because :

  • You give credit where credit is due
  • You show your reader a good post that they would like to read (unless you like linking to bad posts – unlikely!)
  • You generate a link back from the post in the form of a pingback (assuming they haven’t switched it off)

It’s this last point i want to expand on. I have been tracking the stats here a lot and have been aware for a while that i have been getting a certain percentage of traffic from pingbacks. I’m not sure of the exact percentage is but its enough for them to be included in my webalizer stats.

A Sudden Surge of Traffic

Like most blogs in this genre, i posted about the Digg revolt in my post ‘Digg have shot themselves in the foot‘. When i wrote the post i really didn’t give much thought to traffic benefits when i linked to articles which were covering the digg revolt. I just wanted to show readers how crazy it all was and how many bloggers were covering it. That day i saw a jump in traffic by about 30-40% which was generated by the pingbacks in that post – it was crazy!

I knew pingbacks were good for traffic but i just didn’t realise how much.

I encourage you to link to any blog post which you are talking about or just think that your readers will like reading however you should be aware of the traffic benefits of getting a pingback on a high traffic blog.

Some things to note :

  • You should see more traffic if you ping the post early in the discussion. This means that your pingback will be close to the top of the comments (though bear in mind some blogs seperate regular comments and pingbacks/trackbacks).
  • Guides, tutorials and that kind of thing should send you much more traffic in the long term. For example, if i linked to a post on ProBlogger i would see some visits coming from there for a week or so but a pingback on a post which releases a new wordpress plugin should keep sending me traffic long after the traffic from ProBlogger has stopped. Information and useful posts which stand the test of time tend to get more traffic over the long haul.
  • Any link you post should be relevant to the post. It’s common sense – don’t just whore your blog and link to any high traffic blog in the hope of a pingback

What are your experiences with pingbacks? I’m curious what percentage of traffic established blog sites get from pingbacks and referrals.

p.s. feel free to link to this post to get a pingback haha 🙂


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