Display your RSS feed details in a prominent position

I posed the question last month ‘When should you display your feedburner rss to your readers?‘. Before you can even think about displaying the number of subscribers on your blog you need to actually encourage readers to subscribe to it.

One of the most important ways to do this is to display your rss feed details in a prominent position on your blog. I have the BloggingTips RSS Feed displayed at the top right hand side of every page on the blog. I’m sure that this is a factor in the number of subscribers increasing here.

Where should you display your RSS Feed Link?

As i mentioned above, i believe that a link somewhere around the very top of your blog is better than a feed button nestled away behind links on your sidebar.

There are a variety of other places where you can place your rss feed link :

  • In your blog posts – Encouraging your readers to subscribe to your blog is a great way to increase the number of readers in your blog. Most bloggers tend to add a small note nearer the end of the blog post however you can add the link anywhere in the article.
  • Undearneath Blog Posts – On BloggingTips i currently have a subscribe link underneath every post however the subscription is for comments to the post. I am considering adding a subscription to the main rss feed in this area too. Regardless, i think that a link to your feed below your posts is essential. The visitor has just finished reading one of your posts and should be more inclined to subscribe
  • Bottom of your blog – The footer is another place where a lot blogs have their rss feed. I’ve added a link in this area too. I do think that you will get more subscribers through the other places i mentioned but its another place to advertise your feed so why not!

The important thing to remember with all this is that your feed should be easy to find. Encourage your readers to subscribe as much as you can too and im sure you will see a steady rise in subscribers to your blog.


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