Text Link Ads Post Level Marketing

If you have been browsing Text Link Ads recently you may have noticed the new ‘Post Level’ option mentioned underneath publishers details (advertised as ‘Advertise on Individual Posts ‘).

When you browse a blogs posts, it states the name of the post, its link popularity and the cost to advertise per month. The ads tend to be cheaper but other than that they seem to work the same way as the regular system. Most PR 6’s are selling for $25 per month, PR 5 for $10 per month and PR 4 for around $7 or $8 per month.

They state that each Post Level TLA will:

  • Be exclusive to one Advertiser.
  • Allow Advertisers to have a full 80 character title and 150 letter description.
  • Be positioned directly at the end of top posts making it ideal for click throughs.
  • Each ad will be on a single page only.

Is this a good thing?

I think that this is a great new feature. It allows advertisers to target their ads to posts relating to their topic and it allows publishers to make even more money from Text Link Ads.

I think they made the right decision limiting this at one per post. I do plan on using Text Link Ads in a few months time and when i do i’ll probably use this feature as well. Quick news posts like this will probably not sell well however im sure that guides and long posts i write will have a good chance of selling adverts.

Will you be using post level marketing on your blog?


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