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May 12

John Chow talks about how hard it can be to get recognition as a new blogger.

When John told the story of Blogging Tips, I had a look. It is my kind of blog – full of practical advice. I was fairly happy when Kevin said that I could guest blog here (and if you are interested, find out how you can too).

It seems appropriate that my first post on Blogging Tips should be about guest blogging.

My friend Steve Collins has a fairly well rated blog. Not to take away from the work that he puts into it, but I know that his blog is doing a lot better since he started guest blogging on Web Worker Daily.

So why should you bother guest blogging? Apart from the obvious, everybody wins – the guest blogger, the blog owner, and the reader. Matt Coddington’s post on John Chow’s blog covers this in some detail.

What does guest blogging mean? It has to mean more than just an advertisement for yourself. There is a trust relationship between the guest blogger and blog owner – the blog owner promotes the guest blogger’s blog, and in return the gest blogger provides quality content – this is the only way to ensure that everybody wins. Writing quality content means getting published as a guest blogger and being invited back to write more. Quality content will stand out amongst the millions of other posts generated every week, and still be worth reading in many years’ time.

My suggestion is that if you’ve ever considered guest blogging, you should give it a try. A few things to think about:

  • You have to find someone who is looking for a guest blogger: If you are good enough (and we all think we are), you may be invited to guest blog – but if you are not well known, you may have to create your own opportunity by asking at a range of blogs. Some blogs (such as this one) invite people to guest blog when there are slots free – otherwise, pick a blog that you would be proud to publish with, and send them an email (include a bit about yourself and reference some of your posts so that they know you are capable of creating quality content). The worst that they can do is say no – and some may say yes.
  • Make a cost-benefit decision: you need to balance the time you have available against the benefit of building your readership beyond the boundaries of your own blog.

If you’ve had a good or bad experience with guest blogging, please leave a comment.

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Facibus is the nom-de-net of Andrew Boyd, blogger, consultant Information Architect, foodie, and advocate of Knowledge Worker 2.0.

cikgu azleen May 12, 2007

Hello, I am Azleen from Malaysia. I have been blogging since 2002 but it is more for personal satisfaction – story about my life etc – and nobody read it except myself.. Hehehe.. End of last year I though about making money from blogging.. Then I start to invest on a domain name and hosting.. Start promoting it.. Though everything going perfectly well.. Then a popular malaysian blogger invites me to guest blog on his blog. That is certainly an opportunity that I will not passed by. So I stood up to the challenge and wrote on his blog once a week. Eversince, traffic to my blog increase tremendously and more people know me.. I agree that guest blogging is a surefire way to promote own blog..

Kevin May 13, 2007

Good post Andrew :)

I think that when the blogger writes a good post the blog owner wants to help the author out anyway he can.

I think that a different view on things is good as well – there will be times when the guest authors disagree with the blog owner and vice versa but i think thats good :)

facibus May 14, 2007

Hi Azleen,

thanks for your comment. I love that there is this opportunity available to speak to a wider audience.

Best regards, Andrew

facibus May 14, 2007

Thanks Kevin,

it is great to be here – hope that I get to contribute a lot.

Best regards, Andrew

hanafi July 27, 2007

Hi Azleen,

I am a newcommer but I promise I will try to be different in content in every aspect than any Malaysian blogger. Could you help me get more audience for my blog as I am clueless.

Hopos December 16, 2008

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