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By Kevin Muldoon | Competitions

May 05

I have been wanting to come up with a fun competition for readers here for a while. It’s something i hope to do on a regular basis so i hope you all enjoy this one :) I have been thoroughly pleased with the work SOS Factory have done for me so i want to spread that love!

Lets get those mouths watering first with the $400+ prizes and then ill explain what you need to do to enter!

The Prizes

1st Place

A complete mascot from SOS Factory worth $300 plus a free domain name from 815Domains*.

This is the kind of quality you can expect

2nd Place

2nd place gets $50 cash via paypal plus a free domain name from 815Domains*.

3rd Place

Free domain name from 815Domains*.


* The domain name will be registered for you by myself and then pushed to your domain account :)

Special Prize – $50

If this type of competition proves popular then i may use it again however i am keen on using a different type of competition. The blogger who suggests the best competition idea here for BloggingTips in the comments of this post will win $50 via paypal.

What kind of Mascot Can you expect?

Here are some more examples of Sosfactory´s work. A complete list can be found on SOS Factory.

The Competition

My post to see what competition i should run failed miserably so i came up with this.

I want bloggers out there to link to this competition using the title of this post. So all you need to do is link to this page using the text win a mascot at Thats it. To make things even easier for you, here is the code you need to enter to add the link :

<a href="" target="_blank">win a mascot at</a>

In about three weeks time i will check google for the phrase “win a mascot at” (enough time for everyone to take part and get their pages indexed). Pay attention to the parentheses around the search term. This ensures that google only searches for that exact sentence which means that the only websites that will be listed in the search will be this one and anyone who is linking here through the competition. I strongly encourage you all to NOT create a new post to link to me. All i’m looking for is the link to this page. My suggestion is to include a small reference at the end of a post but you could instead add a link to the competition in your footer or somewhere out of the way.

There are a few prizes up for grabs. 1st place will go to the highest ranking blog on google for the search term i mentioned, 2nd place will go to the next blog listed and so on and so on. Obviously, doesn’t count and no blog can come 1st and 2nd etc.

So for example , if the listings went like this :

  1. – ie. this page
  2. BlogNumber1
  3. BlogNumber1
  4. BlogNumber2
  5. home page
  6. BlogNumber3
  7. BlogNumber1
  8. BlogNumber2
  9. BlogNumber4
  10. BlogNumber2

then BlogNumber1 would be first place, BlogNumber2 would be second and BlogNumber3 would be 3rd. I know im perhaps stating the obvious to some but i wanted to clarify things from the start so that theres no confusion as to how the winner is declared.

Here are some examples of how you could slip the link into a forum :

‘And the next day i was so drunk i could hard’ly eat….oh and before i forget you should try and win a mascot at

‘Unrelated Link : win a mascot at

‘Great links ive found the last few days : linka, linkb, linkc, win a mascot at, linkd’

Notes, Rants, Ants & Pants

Some more details :

  • First off, good Luck to everyone who takes part!
  • You can link anyway you want – infact, im interested to see how the winners reached the top of the rankings and could prove to be a good case study.
  • 3 weeks from today is May 26th 2007. The results will be taken from the .com version of google that day (which is the international one).
  • Last but not least, if you have been reading this blog regularly you will know that i dont like link trains and those ‘review me and ill link back‘ competitions. I have nothing against any bloggers who use this technique and good luck to anyone who finds success with it. I just really do feel that filling up a blog with those ‘link batch’ posts to repay those who linked to you really does reduce the actual quality of posts on your blog (i mean they’re hardly offering the reader anything). I’m also not a big fan of google bombing campaigns either as the only person who benefits is the person who is offering the competition.However, i hope that this competition is a better solution for all those involved. I want to clarify to anyone who thinks im being a hypocrite about my stance on ‘link me for review’ type posts. First off, im getting no benefit at all here as “win a mascot at” is not something anyone is ever going to search. Competition entrees can link in a post, underneath a post, in your forum footer, on your links page, on your about page – anywhere really. This competition is one thing though – linkbait! I want to get some advertising in return for the prizes etc. I want to generate an interest in the blog and bring attention to people who haven’t came across BloggingTips as yet. This is the aim of every blog who runs a competition – mine is no different :) Also…more importantly, if you read my first competition you’ll know my head is completely blank for any other competition idea!!! (see the special prize info further up about this)

Nothing more to say except…

Good Luck to everyone who takes part!

If you have any questions about the competition please leave a comment and i will answer as soon as i can :)

Super Kevin


About the Author

Kevin Muldoon is a professional blogger with a love of travel. He writes regularly about topics such as WordPress, Blogging, Productivity and Social Media on his personal blog and provides support to bloggers at Rise Forums. He can also be found on Twitter @KevinMuldoon and .

Kevin May 5, 2007

yeah im very happy with it…though i'm not usually in spandex 😉

Nice May 5, 2007

hmmm I'll try it eventhough my site is not ready yet. lol

StockTube May 5, 2007

i love to have a mascot for my site … what's the rules of the competition? where do i get the info?

Kumiko Suzuki May 5, 2007

Great mascot! The likeness is uncanny!


Tara1 May 5, 2007

Ah, so thats a macot! What muscles you have :) ! Good luck with the competition

Frucomerci May 5, 2007


what a great idea! I would like to have a mascot for my site as well!

Kevin May 5, 2007

StockTube – the rules are in the post above. if your unsure please email me :)

after 1 day the first result in google is from bumpzee, then cymru66 and then this page

so cymru66 is 1st place so far :)

it will be interesting to see how this page is listed in a few weeks

Sosfactory May 6, 2007

Hey, here Sergio Ordoñez from SOSFactory, I just wanted to hope good luck to everyone who takes part.

Hoping to do a great job for some of yours :)

Good luck!! :)

Kevin May 6, 2007

9 listings for the term so far guys

for now the placings are

1st – cymru66

2nd – Graphic Design Blog

3rd – My Fish Tank

4th – Fuzzy Future

5th – Lilibeth the Beagle

6th – The Flying Beagle

good luck all :)

steve May 9, 2007

haha! i usually don't win anything, so i'll be surprised if i stay at the top come judgement day.

actually things seem to be hotting up. i did the "win a mascot…." search on google this morning and there were 73 results returned, compared with about a dozen a few days ago.

all good fun anyway. can't wait to see who the winner is?



Kevin May 9, 2007

yeah its proving popular. it will be good to see what kind of design the winner gets. i just checked – it looks like The Flying Beagle has stormed into first place pushing you into second

let the war begin hahaha :)

Market Matador May 10, 2007

That is such a cool link baiting contest! Cant believe there is a $300+ FIRST PRIZE Package!

So cool man,

-Sam from

Nick May 11, 2007

Check and Mate. just entered.

narendra.s.v May 13, 2007

what is the last day??

Kevin May 13, 2007

narendra – May 26th 2007 :)

update – myfishtank is leading in first place, cymru66 has dropped down to second with dylankingsberry in 3rd place. However, with Kumiko in 4th place and John Chow next in 5th i predict some change in the next 12 days.

Kumiko Suzuki May 15, 2007

Competition idea – It's a bit of work for entrants, but I think competitions that encourage people to make a video are brilliant. Less entries are received but what you do get is really viral. You could try "Make A Movie About Your Most Momentous Blogging Moment!"


David Wilkinson May 15, 2007

I joined in the fun too!

Roberta May 15, 2007

I'll be on the first page of the results before you know it 😉

Kumiko Suzuki May 16, 2007

Competition idea – have readers take a photo of a piece of paper with your URL on it in a variety of locations! Most creative photo wins!


Kevin May 16, 2007

like your ideas kumiko – keep em coming :)

latest update – kumiko has jumped ahead of the competition into first place, adgridwor jumps into 2nd place and bigplansbigcrash has leaped into 3rd :)

Dan May 17, 2007

My entry is in. Let's see how it goes.

Dan May 17, 2007

A personal site assement might not be a bad prize for a competition. Not sure what the actual competition would be, but I wouldn't mind being able to get professional ideas on a particular site…just my 2 cents

Kevin May 18, 2007

what exactly do you mean by a personal site assessment dan? Could you expand this a little :)

Well, you could look at the winner's site and tell them what SEO improvements then can do. Maybe some design improvements too. I know consulting fees are mad expensive, a freebie would be nice.

Ashwini May 21, 2007

Just wanted to say,

my blog is listed on 7 th Google Result page

Hope that will not affect my chances of winning :)

Kumiko Suzuki May 22, 2007

Competition idea – I think competitions need to be really easy for people to enter. You can always try the "predict my traffic for June" or "guess how much money I'll make next week" promotions for a large number of entrants as they're really easy to enter!


engtech May 23, 2007

Cool contest idea.

Let's see what I can do with only 2-3 days and the fact I just bought my domain name today.

sergio ordoñe May 24, 2007

Lets go guys, lets go!!!!!

Just a few days and Sosnewbie is in 1st position.

Obviously SOSNewbie and SOSFactory doesn’t count either, but its being fun :)

Cheers Kevin 😉


Competition Idea.

I think you should have a competition, where you declare 3 topics, topics you have chosen regarding blogging or making money online etc etc. Have all entrants create a video stating that it is for submission to a contest at (this way you receive promotion regardless of where it is published.) and blog about one of the three topics.

This way the user can choose their favorite topic, the videos are as kumiko said, viral, so when they hit youtube its an exponential increase.

Then have them comment your blog with the address of the blog post with the video included.

Perhaps have a user vote to determine the winner.

Thanks for your time Kevin


You can see my own Win A Mascot At review here. It's great to be taking part Kevin… Thanks again for giving us guys a chance. You da man!

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