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I have been wanting to come up with a fun competition for readers here for a while. It’s something i hope to do on a regular basis so i hope you all enjoy this one πŸ™‚ I have been thoroughly pleased with the work SOS Factory have done for me so i want to spread that love!

Lets get those mouths watering first with the $400+ prizes and then ill explain what you need to do to enter!

The Prizes

1st Place

A complete mascot from SOS Factory worth $300 plus a free domain name from 815Domains*.

This is the kind of quality you can expect

2nd Place

2nd place gets $50 cash via paypal plus a free domain name from 815Domains*.

3rd Place

Free domain name from 815Domains*.


* The domain name will be registered for you by myself and then pushed to your domain account πŸ™‚

Special Prize – $50

If this type of competition proves popular then i may use it again however i am keen on using a different type of competition. The blogger who suggests the best competition idea here for BloggingTips in the comments of this post will win $50 via paypal.

What kind of Mascot Can you expect?

Here are some more examples of Sosfactory´s work. A complete list can be found on SOS Factory.

The Competition

My post to see what competition i should run failed miserably so i came up with this.

I want bloggers out there to link to this competition using the title of this post. So all you need to do is link to this page using the text win a mascot at Thats it. To make things even easier for you, here is the code you need to enter to add the link :

<a href="" target="_blank">win a mascot at</a>

In about three weeks time i will check google for the phrase “win a mascot at” (enough time for everyone to take part and get their pages indexed). Pay attention to the parentheses around the search term. This ensures that google only searches for that exact sentence which means that the only websites that will be listed in the search will be this one and anyone who is linking here through the competition. I strongly encourage you all to NOT create a new post to link to me. All i’m looking for is the link to this page. My suggestion is to include a small reference at the end of a post but you could instead add a link to the competition in your footer or somewhere out of the way.

There are a few prizes up for grabs. 1st place will go to the highest ranking blog on google for the search term i mentioned, 2nd place will go to the next blog listed and so on and so on. Obviously, doesn’t count and no blog can come 1st and 2nd etc.

So for example , if the listings went like this :

  1. – ie. this page
  2. BlogNumber1
  3. BlogNumber1
  4. BlogNumber2
  5. home page
  6. BlogNumber3
  7. BlogNumber1
  8. BlogNumber2
  9. BlogNumber4
  10. BlogNumber2

then BlogNumber1 would be first place, BlogNumber2 would be second and BlogNumber3 would be 3rd. I know im perhaps stating the obvious to some but i wanted to clarify things from the start so that theres no confusion as to how the winner is declared.

Here are some examples of how you could slip the link into a forum :

‘And the next day i was so drunk i could hard’ly eat….oh and before i forget you should try and win a mascot at

‘Unrelated Link : win a mascot at

‘Great links ive found the last few days : linka, linkb, linkc, win a mascot at, linkd’

Notes, Rants, Ants & Pants

Some more details :

  • First off, good Luck to everyone who takes part!
  • You can link anyway you want – infact, im interested to see how the winners reached the top of the rankings and could prove to be a good case study.
  • 3 weeks from today is May 26th 2007. The results will be taken from the .com version of google that day (which is the international one).
  • Last but not least, if you have been reading this blog regularly you will know that i dont like link trains and those ‘review me and ill link backΓ’β‚¬Λœ competitions. I have nothing against any bloggers who use this technique and good luck to anyone who finds success with it. I just really do feel that filling up a blog with those ‘link batch’ posts to repay those who linked to you really does reduce the actual quality of posts on your blog (i mean they’re hardly offering the reader anything). I’m also not a big fan of google bombing campaigns either as the only person who benefits is the person who is offering the competition.However, i hope that this competition is a better solution for all those involved. I want to clarify to anyone who thinks im being a hypocrite about my stance on ‘link me for review’ type posts. First off, im getting no benefit at all here as “win a mascot at” is not something anyone is ever going to search. Competition entrees can link in a post, underneath a post, in your forum footer, on your links page, on your about page – anywhere really. This competition is one thing though – linkbait! I want to get some advertising in return for the prizes etc. I want to generate an interest in the blog and bring attention to people who haven’t came across BloggingTips as yet. This is the aim of every blog who runs a competition – mine is no different πŸ™‚ Also…more importantly, if you read my first competition you’ll know my head is completely blank for any other competition idea!!! (see the special prize info further up about this)

Nothing more to say except…

Good Luck to everyone who takes part!

If you have any questions about the competition please leave a comment and i will answer as soon as i can πŸ™‚

Super Kevin


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