WP Designer launches a new design

By Kevin Muldoon | WordPress Themes

May 04

Future BloggingTips author Small Potato has finally updated WPDesigner with the sites new look.

It really is an impressive design and is another good example of what u can do with wordpress. If your looking for some hints on making your own theme there is a great tutorial on the site here.

WP Designer


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Tung Do May 4, 2007

Thanks Kevin. In the future, I will launch an improved (downloadable) tutorial series that shows you how to create a three column theme.

Kevin May 4, 2007

nice. well when you do that just drop by here and post it yourself :):)

wordpress is something that a lot of people struggle to get to grips with so im sure readers would love to hear about any guide like that.

i've wrote a few wordpress guides myself which will go live in a few weeks (theyre complete but im posting them when im travelling). I hope people will like them – its easy to forget that the vast majority of bloggers dont know php or css.

have you thought about integrating your forums more with your blog?

Tung Do May 4, 2007

Actually, I have. I'm busy with the blog, but will find time to revamp the forums and integrate it.

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