Oh No, say it isn’t so…Pop Ups are back!!!

More and more bloggers are using in-text advertising services such as Kontera to earn extra revenue on their blog. It’s something that is frustrating me more and more.

Daniel from DailyBlogTips posted today that bloggers should Stay Away from In-Text Advertising. Leroy from Green Lama then posted about it and said that In-Text Advertising is Not Evil. I’m not sure where you all stand on this one but i for one agree with daniel 100% on this. I really do despise these ads and iits putting me off reading a few blogs i subscribe too because i was getting so annoyed with them.


Leroy suggested that these ads may be less intrusive than adsense but i disagree. Adsense are very non intrusive in my opinion. These kontera type ads are nothing more than fancy pop ups. There’s a reason why every major browser has a pop up blocker and there’s a reason why none of the major internet websites on the web are using this type of advertising.

Most bloggers acknowledge that the ads are intrusive but are still using them because they are converting well. Sometimes that extra bit of cash just isn’t worth it. Is it worth losing readers due to intrusive ads?

I’d like to hear visitors views on these ads. Would you be willing to lose a few readers if your monthly income increased? Do these ads bother you at all?



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