What can you offer?

Are you struggling to get traffic to your blog? Are your posts getting lost in the blogosphere?

No doubt there are other blogs which cover the same topic as yours. In some genres it can be hard to stand out from the crowd. Don’t be too disheartened though and try and think about what you can offer that other blogs don’t or simply can’t.

For example

  • Write about topics which they haven’t covered yet
  • Write about topics which you have specific experience about
  • Perhaps inject some humour into your posts

You could easily expand the above list however the main point here is that if you are able to offer people something that the ‘other guy’ doesn’t, you will be able to pick up more readers.

Lets look at an example

I mentioned in a previous post that my best friend has started a new blog called Mikes Golf Tips. Fan blogs such as this are very common as most of them tend to cover the same topics ie. most golf blogs today will be writing about the masters as its a big tournament and is currently taking place. Now clearly, all blogs are gonna cover the main tournaments such as this though i believe that by also posting about topics which other blogs aren’t covering, Michael could pick up some more traffic.

For example, perhaps he could post a little more about womens golf or post about some amateur golf tournaments just around the corner. Catering to such ‘niche’ subjects could certainly attract readers who would not normally read his blog because it doesn’t cover what they’re looking for.

Let us know

Id love to hear from any bloggers who have noticed an increase in traffic to their site after covering a topic which hadn’t been posted about much in similar blogs.


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